Staffing News

JTVFD routinely graphs & reviews our call volume. Because most of our calls are between the hours of 8am to 11pm, we decided to run a full crew during the day, 8am through 4pm- when most our volunteers are at their primary job. The crew consists of 3 firefighters. Then, from 4pm to 8pm we have 2 firefighters on duty.  After 8pm, there is 1 firefighter on duty and a fire/rescue person who had volunteered to respond to calls that night. The remainder of the volunteers are ready to respond if a call needs more personnel. 

We do not hire part time employees, as our goal is to give the volunteers the opportunity to sign up to fill these shifts. Volunteers must live within 5 miles of our JTVFD district to become a volunteer with the department, and they must be an active member to sign up for shifts.

In addition to our valued members who have acquired their firefighter training using their own personal time, JTVFD has been fortunate to have recruited fully trained, certified firefighters from DeKalb, Forsyth, Gwinnett, Hall, Henry, John's Creek, Sandy Springs, Walton, West Jackson, and Winder Fire Departments. 

JTVFD is comprised of well trained, dedicated firefighters & support personnel willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Current Staffing


Monday thru Thursday

3 Firefighters 8am to 4pm

2 Firefighters 4pm to 8pm

1 Firefighter 8pm to 8am

Friday thru Sunday

2 Firefighters  24Hrs/Day

☺☺☺Starting Jan. 1st 2020 we will have 2 night time Firefighters Thurs.-Sunday. We continue to increase staffing to meet demands of our department.☺☺☺

In addition to those on duty, available members will respond to calls as needed, 24/7.  

There is 24 hour coverage at all times.