Welcome to Jackson Trail Volunteer Fire

We are a volunteer based fire department - serving the Jackson Trail Community since 1978. Our mission is to preserve life and property, promote public safety, and foster community support services in a professional manner by utilizing combination volunteer staffing that is derived from our surrounding community members. 


Our History

Jackson Trail Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1978 by a group of local concerned citizens. They started with one truck and took out personal loans against their own farms to build the initial fire department building on two acres donated by the Stowe Family.  

The original volunteers held different types of fund raisers to procure the needed equipment to operate the fire department and donated a great deal of their own hours to establish JTVFD.  

Receiving calls was a challenge with only land lines for communication.  When a fire call was received in our district, a volunteer would call two more volunteers and then those two would call two, and so on and so on.  

Our department has come along way with the help of our members, community; and, of course technology. We have added a second station, have five well equipped pieces of fire equipment, pagers for all the volunteers for receiving emergency calls and portable radios to coordinate fire responses.  In addition, we receive a text on our cell phones when a call is dispatched.  

Jackson Trail Volunteer Fire Department is constantly evolving to keep the fire department up to national
standards. We train every Tuesday night at the station, we practice live burns, and ensure our apparatus & equipment are safe. Our roster is full of highly trained firefighters and support personnel who are dedicated to supporting & implementing these goals.